Mr. V: First-year Adjustments in Quakertown

Makenzie, Staff Writer

From Starbucks barista to high school principal, Mr. Mattias van’t Hoenderdaal (Mr. V), the new principal of Quakertown Senior High School, is a living example that hard work and dedication pay off. 

Born in the Netherlands, Mr. V. met his future wife while she was hired for an internship in the Netherlands. Once she had to go back to the United States, Mr. V decided to go with her to America and this decision shaped his future.

“At first, I felt like I was on vacation, then after a year it got harder,” Mr. V replied about him first coming to America. 

When coming to the United States, Mr. V felt like he was on vacation until he decided to get a job and start working. He attended college at Cairn University in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. Later in his life, Mr. V became a principal in Bensalem in a 7-12 school. The most important lesson he learned while working in a school is that teamwork is key and that you can not do things on your own. 

“I found people to be very welcoming,” Mr. V stated about the students and staff on his first day of school.

Mr. V felt welcomed into the school and is excited to pursue his career in Quakertown School District.  Mr. V’s five-year plan will include elements from his learning within the first few months.  His presence in the hallways and classrooms has been a welcomed change for the staff and students.

“I want people to come together as a community that values each other and values individual and community growth, that goes for academics and in character,” Mr. V described what he wanted the students and staff to do during this school year. 

The Quakertown Community High School is happy to have Mr. V in the school and are excited to continue this school year with his passion and energy!