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  • March 24: QCHS Spring Choir Concert
  • March 14: SAT Test
  • March 11: Pre-ACT Test (10th Grade)
  • March 9: Miller-Keystone Blood Drive
  • March 5: QCHS Jazz Festivala
  • February 12: QCHS Invitational Choral Festival
  • March 3: QCHS Band Concert
  • February 12: Distracted Driving Simulator
  • February 8: Winter Ball
  • February 4: MS/HS Choral Festival
  • February 8: ACT Testing at QCHS
#OscarsSoWhite: is there enough diversity in Hollywood?
Cyberbullying: On the Rise
Teens: Victims of Taxation Without Representation

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Student Discussion on Abortion (Podcast)

Student Discussion on Abortion (Podcast)

March 3, 2020

21 to Buy Tobacco?

21 to Buy Tobacco?

February 27, 2020

Over the years the legal age to buy tobacco has changed many times. In 1992 the federal...

College Athletes Should Be Paid

College Athletes Should Be Paid

February 27, 2020

College is hard enough as it is for regular people. College athletes need to figure out a way to balance...

The Outsider Review
Animation: A film style 20+ years in the making
Top 5 Upcoming Rappers

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Swim Team Championship Season

Megan, Staff Writer | March 2, 2020

If asked how someone felt about the swim team at Quakertown High School, the response would most likely go something like, “we have a swim team?” This season though, 2019-2020, has changed that question in this school. When asked how head coach Anthony Carty felt about this season, he stated, “we set goals at the beginning of the season. We didn't quite achieve those goals, but along...

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If Journalism did not exist how would that affect your everyday life? More than you may believe… 

Makenzie, Staff Writer | January 17, 2020

Journalism is sought as a dying profession but how would life be without journalism? Who else would risk their lives for a story to inform their audience of current and important topics? Journalists go through struggles and risks everyday just to get the “inside scoop” of a story for their audience and we tend to take this for granted.   The Importance of Journalism For many years Journalism...

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Trump’s Impeachment

Lea, Staff Writer | January 17, 2020

Andrew Jackson, Bill Clinton, and now Donald Trump. Impeachment is a rare tool in office to charge a president as we can tell by how short the list is. Now, is this a good thing President Trump was added to the list or not? That is a personal conclusion you will have to come too alone.  Pelosi accused Trump of betraying his oath of office, U.S. national security, and the integrity of the country's...

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Brexit: What Happened, and What’s Coming?

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