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Vultures Volume 1 Review


Kanye West released his thirteenth album Vultures a few weeks ago, and many have mixed feelings about it. Whether it’s the new style of rap Ye(Kanye) uses throughout or the questionable lyrics, fans are torn. Vultures is also a collaborative album with Ty Dolla $ign. Dolla $ign is a hip-hop artist who has made music with Ye in the past. Albums like this tend to not be as successful or well done as solo albums because of the clashing of two very different types of music. This is evident in Ye’s “Watch The Throne” with JayZ and “Kids See Ghosts” with Kid Cudi. Many fans regard “Vultures to be his worst album and they want the old Kanye back. Despite these controversies, the album has a few positives. The “Carnival” track featured on the album has been number one on the Billboard Top 100 for four of the five weeks the album has been released. Fans waited longer than expected for the album after Ye delayed the release of Vultures numerous times. Let’s analyze the album to see if this is Ye’s worst album.



Vultures opens up with the song “Stars”. Ye is known for having great opening tracks that set the tone for what the rest of the album will be like and this song is a perfect opening. It showcases Ye’s genius production and Ty Dolla $ign’s vocals, a possible foreshadow for what the rest of the album will be like. Strikingly similar to the opening of “The Life of Pablo” in the song “Ultralight Beam”, “Stars” employs a sort of gospel tone Ye has been successful with in the past. Overall, the song is great and one of the album’s highs.


Keys To My Life

The second track on the album is “Keys To My Life”. This song was an unexpected switch in tone from the hopeful positive aura of “Stars” to this depressed version of Ye’s life. The lyrics talk about the problems he faced in his last relationship with Kim Kardashian and how it ended badly. Ye and Dolla $ign sum up the ins and outs of an unhealthy relationship. The title “Keys To My Life” refers to Ye’s new wife Bianca Censori and how he’s now giving her his all. This song doesn’t leave a lasting impression, although it has a deeper meaning than many of Ye’s other songs.



Track 3, “Paid”, is about Ye and Dolla $ign getting money and their party life. There’s not much to this one, it is mostly just Dolla $ign repeating the line “I’m just here to get paid,” with a little bit of Kanye lyricism. This is the type of song you could expect to see used in TikTok videos.



This song features Ye’s daughter, North West, in her first-ever song. Surprisingly her verse is catchy and overall pretty good. It is exceptionally better than what Drake’s son Adonis did in the song “Daylight”. Dolla $ign’s vocals at the end of the song are great but It would have been better if Ye was included in this one. This is mainly Ye’s album so shouldn’t he be in every song?


Back To Me

The track “Back To Me” is vulgar and not the type of song you would play around your parents. Ye samples a part from the movie “Dogma” and the line said in it is repeated over and over in this song. It was okay to include the first few times but it got old fast after Kanye repeated it a total of nine times throughout the song. The only positive for this song is the feature of Freddie Gibbs. Gibbs gives possibly his best performance and saves the song from being completely bad as a whole.



This is by far the worst song on the album. The entire production of the song is awful, not what most people would expect for a Ye song. The word “hoodrat” is repeated in the background of the entire song which makes it annoying. If this song comes on when I’m listening to the album, it is immediately skipped every time.

Do It

The seventh track on the album features YG and a sample from the late rapper Nipsey Hustle. Dolla $igns chorus in this song is well done and very catchy. Ye’s production is great once again and he has one of his best verses on this track. In my opinion, this song is very underrated and I could see it being big in the future.


“Paperwork” brings me back to Ye’s album Yeezus from 2013, one of my favorites. This song proves once again he is one of the best producers of this generation. He samples a song from the Brazilian phonk music genre and it makes “Paperwork” the type of song you would get hyped to or blast in your car. Quavo has a feature at the end of the song, making the song way better. Every verse is good and makes this a top 5 song on the album.


Arguably one of the best songs on the album, “Burn” shows off Ye and Dolla $ign’s strong suits as they emphasize the difficult aspects of love. This song gives off the type of vibes the album The Life Of Pablo does. Ye gives his best verse of the album on this track along with a catchy chorus by Dolla $ign. If Ye wasn’t so controversial, this song would’ve been played nonstop on the radio. The only knock I have against this track is that I wish it was longer.

F Sumn

This track is another one that you’d blast in your car to get you hyped up. It features Travis Scott and Playboi Carti. Each of their verses is good and has a nice flow of rapping on Ye’s unique beat. Ty Dolla $ign’s part is pretty forgettable and Ye’s is just bad- I expected better from him.


The best and most successful track so far on the album is “Carnival”. It features Playboi Carti again and Rich The Kid. Besides a few questionable lines by Ye, every verse in the song is good. Playboi Carti’s part was the best in the song and a highlight for the album as a whole. This version of Carti sounds like the old Carti fans have wanted back for a long time. As I mentioned earlier, “Carnival” has been number one on the Billboard Top 100 for numerous weeks and the hype doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon.

Beg Forgiveness

The track “Beg Forgiveness” features Chris Brown. Overall the track is pretty forgettable with Chris Brown saying the same verse over and over for half the song and Ye just saying lines that hold no meaning.

Overall the album “Vultures” is Kanye’s worst album. In the past, his albums were regarded as almost perfect with maybe a few misses. However numerous tracks were bad on this album. Maybe Kanye is trying to produce a new style of music that will influence the industry as a whole as he has done in the past but, right now it is not working. If you’re a fan of the old Kanye, you will not enjoy this album.

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Jaden Ashton, Staff Writer
Jaden Ashton is a Junior at Quakertown High School. This is his first year as a staff writer forthe Paw Prints paper. Jaden enjoys nature and likes to be active. He has a passion for all sportsand plans to be a physical therapist in the future. Jaden runs track for Quakertown hopes toimprove in all his events this upcoming season. He plans to have lots of fun this year while alsobeing successful in everything he attempts to accomplish.

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