Same Color Graduation Gowns

Alyssa, Staff Writer

Quakertown Community High School has used Blue and white gowns for a very long time, and now they are switching it up by making every student wear the same exact color no matter the preference or gender you are. 

 This all started because of a few people that are part of the school’s GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) club. This club is a place for LGBT people to go to feel safe or comfortable and join together to talk about problems or issues to do with the LGBT community. These students were “uncomfortable” with the gown colors considering they would be given the color of their born gender to wear for graduation.

This is sort of unfair for the people who would like to walk across the stage in white, just because a few students didn’t like a tradition that has been around for a very long time now. I interviewed some people to see how they feel about this and this was the outcome. 

”We have been the color blue and white for our school since the school was built, I wanna wear white just like all of the other girls have in past centuries before me.” Said Kasie Bloss. Kasie has expressed that she is highly angered by this drastic change. 

Students that identified as transgendered had a choice on the color of the gown they wanted but they refused and went forward with getting one color for all, “There are two different gowns in Quakertown High School. The girls wear white, and blue is for males. If you’re transgender, you get to choose,” said Jamie Stover, English teacher at Quakertown Community High School.

This angers not only me and Kasie Bloss but many other students as well. The whole situation with these graduation gowns has brought up a ridiculous amount of distress and displease. Students at QCHS have worn blue and white gowns for who knows how long and now that they don’t even have a choice of either blue or white. This has gotten way out of hand and in all complete honesty, this is unfair to women who have waited their entire life to walk in a white cap and gown. 

Elijah Mohr stated, “I think we should have both blue and white colors, but I personally feel that we should have suits for the guys and dresses for the girls.” And, “Usually girls look better in white, anyways.” 

A local student, Benjamin St. Claire, from Quakertown Community High School, has voiced that he wants to feel comfortable, “If I had to wear white, I would go on stage have people see me in something that symbolizes being a woman, and that’s uncomfortable for me because I’m not,” he said. But what about the rest of the hundreds of students that go to QCHS that would feel uncomfortable wearing a blue men’s gown when they are clearly female or women to say the least. 

  In conclusion, we should have both white and blue gowns. This whole situation has caused a ruckus and we should be able to have the choice. Everything above in this article proves my point completely and helps support that the fact is we deserve the choice. This especially affects people who have had the women in the family always walk in white cap and gowns. This decision against the caps and gowns is not only messing with the fairness and choice but tradition as well. 


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