Students’ Point of View about Monday Tests

Jade, Staff Writer

Imagine coming back from a two-day weekend, waking up at 5:10 in the morning and remembering you have a test today that you didn’t study for. Of course, you didn’t study because it’s the weekend, but most importantly, you were so caught up with your plans, you even forgot to open your bag to check your planner for homework.

Your teacher informs you that you have a 100 point test on Monday. You might not be too confident about this test, so you go to your teacher during study hall for help. You get extra help and feel better about taking this test and your teacher tells you to check over the notes again, but suddenly get a text from your best friend asking if you can hang out over the weekend! And what do you do? Agree to the plans. You’re sitting down with your friends on Sunday and you get a notification from Canvas reminding you that you have a test at 8:15 the next day!

Madi Dager, a freshman at Quakertown Community High School, dislikes taking tests on Mondays. Dager, being new to high school, has had about six tests on Mondays, since the first day of school.

“I feel like we shouldn’t have homework that we get on Friday that we have to do on the weekend, so then if we have to study, it ends up cramming our weekend when you could do something with your family and have fun,” Dager claims.

A sophomore, that does not want to be named, also attends QCHS and does not like taking tests on Mondays. He has taken 1-2 tests on Mondays since the first day of school. The sophomore does not study for Monday tests unless his grades need improvements. He doesn’t like taking tests on Mondays because, since it’s the start of the week, he’s not ready to learn.

Trinity Lucas, another sophomore currently at QCHS also does not like taking Friday tests. She studies for tests on Mondays, since she’s not very busy on the weekends. She doesn’t frequently have Monday tests, but she does have one coming up in the next week. 

“I don’t like taking tests on Mondays because I feel that when I have questions about what I have studied, I need class time to go over them and get help since I need to refresh my mind with the information,” Lucas explains.

She would much rather take a test on a Wednesday because the students have time at the beginning of the week to go over materials you need to know to ace a test and then after the test, you have the rest of the week to learn a new lesson.

In conclusion, students should be trying their best, even if they didn’t get enough study time over the weekend. 


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