School Lunches: Is 30 Minutes Enough?

Rocco, Staff Writer

School lunches have been a topic of discussion over the past few weeks at Quakertown Community High School. Some believe that the period to eat their lunch can be too confined when factoring in other events that take away the miniscule amount of time you have. Others believe that the half-hour period students receive is more than enough for them to eat their lunch.

Why do students believe that their lunch is too short? Multiple students reference the fact that they wait in line for a decent portion of their mid-day-break.

“Lots of kids that buy lunch end up wasting a large portion of their time in line,” says Jack James, freshmen at Quakertown High School. “Other students also have trouble getting to lunch on time as well. Some have to walk all the way across the school, putting them at the back of the line.”

Ninth grader Jayden Johnson agrees about the length of the lines “The line tends to move kind of slow,” he states. “I also get there a little bit later than everyone else, so I definitely understand the complaints from other students.”

In response to his stance on the overall topic, he said this. “I do believe it would make sense to extend lunches.” He voices. “Multiple people end up having their 30 minute lunch, become a 15-20 minute lunch. I don’t think that’s enough time to enjoy your time with your friends, and of course, eat.”

Lots of kids that buy lunch end up wasting a large portion of their time in line

— Jack James

One downfall to potentially extending lunch periods would be the decline in time for other periods. “I think extending lunch would be cool for the students,” ninth grader Blake Koehler says. “But I think the time we have in other classes is more valuable.”

This schedule would also combat other main problems students have about the current schedule. For example, first period starting at 7:14 will allow more room for students to get to school on time, and prevent them from being late.

The schedule could also supply some students more time to get to the bus in time, also possibly preventing some students from being late.

While both sides have their own, valued points, there is of course another option. Just stay the same.  “Personally, I don’t think there’s any need for change,” Blake Koehler says. “I think everyone should have enough time to get their lunch because of the 5 minute window given after their previous period.” He explains, “To be fair, I do believe people that buy lunch have a valid point in wanting them (lunches) extended, as well as pride.” He justifies.

Each side has their own valued points, but extending lunch would benefit more people, and negatively affect almost nobody. To me, the answer is clear, extend school lunches.