The Benefits of Eating in Class

Lea, Staff Writer

Depending on whom you ask, eating is everyone’s favorite thing to do but most do not eat breakfast claiming that it is too early for food and it causes them to feel sick. Since those kids go around 3-4 hours before eating their first meal, it is unhealthy, especially adolescents with developing brains. Kids would perform better on exams or work harder in class if the students had food in their system. You cannot make one eat in the morning before school if it makes them sick; however, what about eating a snack or two in class?

Having the privilege to eat in class should not have any standards involved. Eating an apple in period two versus having a bag of chips does help. It helps their health and a student’s achievements. However, any food is better than no food because some people only have chips.

Now, does eating in class really matter to the student body? Jada Maslanka (senior at Quakertown High School) thinks, “Eating in class should be allowed so that students have the time that they might not have at home,” she goes into, “I think healthy eating is important to have a balanced life. It makes you more motivated and feels so much happier.”

The Panther Cafe has helped many students eat more in the mornings and in classes, making them more alert since they have food to give their bodies energy.

Breanna Marsilio (senior at Pennridge High School) says, “I think eating in class should be allowed because sometimes kids do not have time to eat in the morning,” she continues with, “eating healthy should not be a restriction on eating in class. It is your own personal choice.”

The benefits are there. Having healthy snacks is a great way for students to become more nutritious, to

Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels

focus, and do well academically. If the child wants the cookie during period two then they should have that cookie and not starve because of the food choices they have. Food is a major life essential. Not being able to eat at school is wrong and not good for students’ health.

Even when you are not having a healthy choice, it is better than not eating at all and will still be a good choice to eat in class to help you maintain focus and energy throughout the day at school.

The article Everyday Health states, “Healthy snacking improves overall health, curbs cravings, fights weight gain, regulates mood, boosts brain power and gives you the energy you need to keep going all day.”

To conclude, healthy snacking has benefited so many to be exact. So why is it a question? Snacking in class is a great choice. Healthy snacks are the better choice.