Quakertown Homecoming Spirit Week — Review

Jade, Staff Writer

As the week of homecoming was just around the corner, Quakertown Community High Schools’ Q-rock Council got together in B126 to bounce off ideas for spirit week. 

Friday night had come upon the Quakertown Community as everyone gathered at the Alumni Field, decked out in all pink, to cheer on the Panthers as they played the Knights, Academy Park.

Spirit weeks are where the students, and teachers, dress up with the theme that day! For example, if the theme was Hawaiian, you would usually see a student in a Hawaiian shirt, with a lei, since it matches the theme.

“Qrock picked spirit days that we together felt a lot of the Quakertown Students would participate in,” explained Trinity Lucas, a sophomore at Quakertown High School and also a member of the Q-rock Council. As a group, the members spit out ideas for the spirit days and together they all took a vote on what the days should be. 

“The process was quite easy with a group that is so friendly. So there was no arguing over the spirit days,” Trinity added. The Q-rock Council did have to check in with Mr. V, just to make sure if there were days he didn’t approve. For the group to decide on the days, it only took one meeting, since it needed to be finalized and out around the school the week before the spirit week.

“I feel if we need more options during the spirit days. I believe that students would enjoy spirit days more if they could have a say in what it should be. We could create polls on what students think the days should be,” Madi Dager, a freshman at Quakertown High School explains.

The freshman participated in every spirit day during homecoming week and even added that her favorite day was Pink out, but she also enjoyed dressing up in red, white and blue for USA day. Some spirit days for the future that Dager shared were white-out and blue-out day since the colors of QCHS are blue and white. 

As the school year continues, there will be many spirit days in Quakertown Community High School’s future, with the Thanksgiving game around the corner.

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