Meet Amanda Salansky, History Teacher

Yasmin, Staff Writer

Mrs. Salansky, a history teacher here at Quakertown Community High School, has returned two years after going on maternity leave. She comes from an ancestry of teachers that went through QCHS years ago. 

When asking Salansky about the hardest thing about coming back to teaching, she states, ”the first month or two were definitely the hardest,” citing “the routine of having to try and keep [her] kids’ lives as normal as possible while also handling being away for many more hours.” Mrs. Salansky misses her family a lot when she is teaching, but she loves teaching history and shaping the young minds of her students. 

She describes her love for history in general, and her drive to learn about history every day. Outside of teaching, Mrs Salansky enjoys trivia, bowling and the outdoors. She was even on a trivia and bowling team with her and her husband! 

”I’ve noticed some more dependence on social media and feeling the need to be connected to your phone all the time,” Salansky detailed when asked what she perceived to be different. “Every year I think [our time on technology] progressively increases so I  noticed from just a two-year gap that the rate had really increased since I left.” 

Salansky tries to make her curriculum as engaging to the students as possible so they do not feel the need to go on their phones in class. She hopes to fill her classes with activities that help the student learn the content while keeping them focused and engaged. 

She also comes from a long line of family that were both students and teachers at QCHS. “I think being a history teacher that just makes me appreciate [the job] more because I feel that it’s nice to have family connections to where you grew up.” Salansky’s mother and grandfather both attended the high school, with her grandfather graduating in the Class of 1939. “I think that it just makes me appreciate the community a bit more and more,” Salansky expressed after reflecting on the eighty years since her grandfather’s graduation.

Mrs. Salansky cares very much about every student’s inclusion in her classes, regardless of if the student has been in the community for years, or if they’ve just moved into the district the day before. She is very excited to be back at Quakertown Community High School to teach history and creative learning in order to shape the bright minds of the future.