Students of the Month

Perpetual Kahindo, Staff writer and Editor


Senior Isacc Detweiler would say that the hardest classes he is taking this year are AP Music Theory and AP Statistics but both these classes have been fun to engage and learn in! He is considering Liberty University, Cedarville University, and Cairn University as potential schools to attend next year. In terms of a major, he will be pursuing music composition and/or production, depending on what school he chooses. This year has been a tough year for him, as he has been hit with a lot of anxiety regarding plans for next year, amidst everything else that is going on in the world. At the heart, his relationship with God is the most important aspect of his life and when he finds himself in trouble or confusion he returns to faith in the Lord because Issac believes God is so faithful and his plan for his life is good. 


He does not participate in any school sports, but he does help as a leader in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes! Outside of school, he is blessed to be involved in a lot of the ministries at East Swamp Church here in Quakertown


If Issac were to give advice to anyone who wished to be a future student of the month, he said that they would need to know their “Why?”. In other words, if there is no deeper drive to your learning, it will likely become uninteresting quite quickly. Issac explained that he can struggle with this, but a way to fix it is by engaging in classes, respect your teachers, and give your best effort, you might be surprised at what you learn. 



Elizabeth Susavage has some pretty tough classes this year but her hardest are anatomy, calculus, and environmental science. She does enjoy most of her classes this year such as physics and anatomy. The Junior plays defense on the field hockey team and she is a leader for Fellowship of Christian Athletes and is apart of NHS, key club, and best buddies. 

Outside of school she does weightlifting and enjoys skiing with friends. In the summer she spends a lot of time at the lake and lifeguarding at the Quakertown pool. Elizabeth is very involved in her church and spends part of her Sunday mornings teaching preschoolers Bible stories. Next year she hopes to go to either Liberty University or Belmont University to study nursing. For students who want to be students of the month, Elizabeth would say to talk with your teachers and build a relationship with them. And to push yourself to be outgoing in class if you are more introverted like her and get involved in class discussions.