Outstanding Student of the Month

Delaney Peckham, Editor

The sophomore student of the month is Julia Witte. Julia has also been recognized this month as the outstanding student of the month. She believes she was chosen as the outstanding student of the month because of the support and encouragement from her friends, family, and teachers this year. The classes she takes are english honors, precalc honors, spanish 4 honors, choir, chemistry honors, and AP world history. Within school, she is involved in the class of 2024 student council team and outside of school she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and horseback riding. Mrs.Ramirez and Mrs.Liebel were two teachers she especially wanted to thank because they are supportive, encouraging, and are hard workers dedicated to engaging and aiding their students. While she isn’t quite sure what she wants to do yet with her future, thus far she’s considering equine therapy.