Quakertown Highschool’s Academic Presidential Scholar


Hannah Murphy, Editor

One of our own students of Quakertown Community Highschool, Avinash Paul, has been nominated as a candidate for the United States Presidential Scholars Program.

The program,  established in 1964, in honor to recognize some of the United States’ hardest working graduating students, selects 161 high school students. Each year, 4,000 students are invited to apply for the said program. These students then go through the lengthy process of writing essays, sending transcripts, and completing self-assessments. By mid-April, semifinalists are announced and all scholars are scheduled to come out during the first week of May. The program’s recognition occurs in June placed in Washington, DC. 

Avinash recognized the process he was going to have to take in order to apply for the program. He explained the application as several short-answer essays and one long answer essay. Although lengthy, he remarked that he put forth his best effort when applying. 

“My mom always loved school and I then loved learning”, Avinash described. He says that high school has been overall enjoyable due to the friendships he has made and because of his teachers that created a good learning environment for him and his peers. Avinash also spoke on Quakertown’s teachers, Mrs. Hardy, Mr. Anderson, and Mr. Hunsicker, as teachers that have reached above and beyond during his high school career. 

Not only is Avinash Paul the only Quaketown Scholar this year to receive the honor of applying to the Presendtional Scholar Program, but he is also one of 161 in Pennsylvania out of the 4,000 selected in the nation. 

Avinash is involved in several AP and honors classes all while achieving an astounding GPA of 4.25. He has been enrolled in classes such as and not limited to; AP World History, AP Physics, Political Science honors, and even juggles taking college classes through the Career Pathways Program. He claims that school has come naturally to him and he was ecstatic when he found out about his candidacy for the program. 

Teachers in the district speak highly of Avinash for he is an avid learner who is always geared towards his goals. The Quakertown community is rooting for his acceptance into the program and is extremely proud of his accomplishments thus far.