U.S. Boycotting 2022 Olympics: China Is Not Happy

U.S. Boycotting 2022 Olympics: China Is Not Happy

Julie Pizzi, Editor

The U.S. decided to boycott the Olympics this year, for China is abusing human rights against the Uyghur group in the Xinjiang region. The United States is not the only one in this diplomatic boycott. Britain, Australia, and Canada. These are the ones that are known for sure to be executing a diplomatic boycott from the 2022 Olympics in China because of them committing genocide. Denmark, the Netherlands, and Japan announced they would not be sending their officials, but there is a possibility it could be for Covid-19.

China’s standpoint is most likely not going to change because of the boycott. The U.S.is taking a stand against genocide. China did become mad and accused the U.S. of actions that “politicize sports, create divisions and provoke a confrontation,” stated the representative of the Chinese Mission in the United States.

The United States anticipates that our relationship with China will intensify in the upcoming year. The U.S. and China are trapped in an economic and geopolitical rivalry. New heights have been reached in 2021 and the U.S and China have created policies for China’s antagonism. Both Republicans and Democrats can agree that there is no room to be nice to China. Tension and suspicion will continue through 2022. 

When Countries started boycotting the 2022 Olympics in Beijing, China came back and said that the diplomatic boycotting nations will pay the consequences. China does not approve of the boycotting countries making the Olympics political. After Biden made his declaration about the diplomatic boycott, countries around the globe followed America. China then brought Wang Wenbin, a Chinese spokesperson, to take a stand by announcing that, “The US, Australia, Britain and Canada’s use of the Olympic platform for political manipulation is unpopular and self-isolating, and they will inevitably pay the price for their wrongdoing”(DW). Wang stated that he doesn’t believe the countries involved in the boycott will bring other countries to join.

Some countries, like France, will not be joining the boycott. They believe that the Olympics are meant to be”a world in itself, which must be protected from political interference, otherwise […] we can end up by killing the competition,” stated Blanquer on French anchor BFM TV. This is what China believes as well. Making the Olympics political is just wrong in their perspective. Bringing the world together in a way where there is no tension or fighting is what they want the Olympics to be.

The U.S. is not trying to cause a fight by boycotting the Olympics. Taking a stance against genocide is what America is doing. Going to a national event in a country that is committing genocide would be un-American. Sending our government to that country would be stating that America is going to let China get away with committing inhumane actions. 

The U.S. is sending our athletes to the Olympics because they have trained long and hard for this. They deserve to bring back the medals they are winning. While our athletes went to the 2022 Olympics, they did boycott the Opening ceremony. 

Boycotting is just a step towards challenging China’s government against perpetrating crimes against humanity against the Uyghur group in the Xinjiang region.