Taylor Swift “Midnights” Review


Gabby Smith, Staff Writer

On October 21, Taylor Swift, a significant music artist, and celebrity, released her new album Midnights. Swift announced the release of this album at the 2022 MTV awards. Fans thought it would be another rerecording since Taylor has been rewriting her past albums to earn back her rights, but Swift instead announced the brand new album. Being a fan of hers, I was extremely excited about this album because of all her promotions. Fans believed this could be her best album yet. Swift released the first 13 songs at midnight, then surprised her fans with another seven songs released at 3 AM. Midnights is Swift’s newest album since 2021.

As a fan, I decided to stay up until midnight to await the album’s release. It was worth the sleep I missed out on. While listening to these songs, I rated them from 1 to 10. My top 3 songs from the album are “Maroon,” “Anti-Hero,” and “Labyrinth.” Though I didn’t hate any songs, I was not a fan of “Vigilante Sh*t.” The song was different from the rest of the album and seemed to belong more on reputation, one of Taylor’s past albums. On the 3 AM edition, “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve” was my favorite. I only had a few expectations for this album, and the album exceeded them as it was more upbeat, while many of her older songs are slower. I asked a few people around the school what their favorite songs were on the album. A few girls said their favorite song was “Lavender Haze,” a song I enjoy. Two other people said their least favorite was “Vigilante Sh*t,” which I agree with. Most of the reactions to the album I heard have been positive.

All albums have meaning. Taylor wrote about the album Midnights and what it means to her. She explains it as “The stories of 13 sleepless nights scattered throughout my life.” Swift explained every song on her Instagram each week leading up to the album’s release. The album includes a variety of song topics; “Anti-Hero” shares the story of not being able to look in the mirror because of insecurities, and “Labyrinth” is a song about the anxiety that comes with falling in love. Each song tells a different story.

Though Swift gave her fans a fantastic album with two different parts, she still had one more surprise for them. She revealed that this is a visual album,  meaning each song will have music videos. So far, she has released videos for “Anti-Hero” and “Bejeweled.” This album has already broken multiple records having over 375 million listens in just four days, and has people worldwide going crazy.  Stream and purchase Midnights to hear the self-reflective album about the one and only Taylor Swift.