The Ticketmaster Games


Madelyn Byrnes, Staff Writer

Following the exciting release of Taylor Swift’s new album, Midnights, the artist announced her upcoming tour. Partnering with Ticketmaster, a reliable website to purchase concert and event tickets, Swift used the ‘Verified Fan’ feature to ensure that everyone who got selected as a Verified Fan can get tickets. However, this was not the case; long story short, during the presale, Ticketmaster crashed, many Verified Fans did not get to buy tickets, and re-sellers purchased tickets to re-sell for thousands of dollars. Due to this, Swift and Ticketmaster had to cancel the general sale for tickets. Rightfully so, this angered fans who simply wanted to see their favorite artist perform. Swift acknowledged this problem and came together to work with Ticketmaster to create a fair solution: “The Ticketmaster Games: Taylor Swift edition.” Taking inspiration from Suzanne Collins’ trilogy, The Hunger Games, an event will be held for all fans. Contenders will be sent to an arena formed at every venue location. Anyone is welcome to enter the contest, but there are not enough seats for everyone. In order to gain a ticket, fans must fight, battle, or even kill to secure a seat. Even if you think you capture a seat, make sure to watch your back. You are not safe until the end of the Games. The Ticketmaster Games will take place on the day of your desired concert. Once you register, you will be sent to the arena at midnight before the concert. The Games will run all morning and night until one hour before the concert is supposed to start. If you were unable to fight for a seat, you will be asked to leave. If you do not comply, the security guards have the choice to kick you out or even execute you. Those who secured a definite seat can sit back and enjoy Swift’s performance free of charge! Good luck!