My Take on Valentine’s Day and its History

Artwork: Sabrina Van Lieu

Artwork: Sabrina Van Lieu

Gabriella Smith, Editor

  This past month, many people celebrated the romantic holiday Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day happens once a year on February 14th. This is known as the romantic holiday when you express your affection for your loved ones. On Valentine’s Day, you receive love, candy, flowers, and jewelry. This holiday has its expectations from gifts to spending time with your loved one. But do people really understand the origins of this holiday? Everyone has their own opinions on holidays, but here are my thoughts on Valentine’s Day.

All around the world, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the name of St. Valentine. This month is surrounded by romance. Saint Valentine contains both Christian and ancient Roman traditions. It is known that there are multiple stories surrounding Valentine’s day and Saint Valentine himself. In the Catholic church, there are multiple Saint Valentines. The most known Saint that has ties to this holiday is Valentine of Terni or St. Valentine. Saint Valentine was known to marry couples in secret. In 270 AD soldiers were not allowed to be married. Valentine’s day became February 14th since that’s the day he died. Saint Valentine passed away doing the things he loved which was bringing loved ones together. We celebrate Valentine’s Day to honor the deceased Saint Valentine of the Catholic Church. Though this is the story of why we celebrate Valentine’s Day there is another story that follows this holiday.

Throughout Valentine’s Day, the main creature we hear about is Cupid. Cupid is a mythological figure that ties into Valentine’s Day. Cupid is either known as a chubby guy or the baby shooting arrows at people. Cupid is the ancient Roman god of love and the son of Mercury the winged messenger of the gods and Venus the goddess of love. He was known to shoot people to spread love and passion. Though he would spread love and passion he was mischievous in his matchmaking. He would often cause mortals and immortals to fall in love. Cupid was one of the first to fight for love. Cupid fought strongly for the woman he loved even betraying his mother to be with this woman.  Cupid is not celebrated on this day but is remembered as the spreader of love and passion.

Everyone has their thoughts and perspectives on Valentine’s Day. Rachel Szabo a senior at Quakertown High School shared her perspective on Valentine’s Day. “ Valentine’s Day does not need to be disliked since you have no one to celebrate with. It is meant to show your appreciation and love for friends, family, etc.” Most people these days dislike this holiday because they don’t know how to celebrate without a loved one. “ I do not know the full history of Valentine’s Day. I celebrate this holiday because I enjoy sharing my love with the people who mean lots to me.” Rachel helped multiple people realize Valentine’s day is more than celebrating your relationship. I felt this Holiday was stupid because I didn’t understand why we were celebrating love for the people we care about when we should be doing that every day. After learning the history of the holiday I understand why this became a holiday and why it is celebrated. Rachel helped change my view on this holiday by showing appreciation to my loved ones. 

The history of all holidays is important to understand what you are celebrating. Valentine’s Day is not just for gifts it is for celebrating what Saint Valentine believed in. We celebrate to keep the legend of Saint Valentine and Cupid to keep their legend living. Valentine’s Day is not about relationships, but is about the history and showing your love for people you care about.