The Unrealistic Side of Ginny and Georgia


Sarah Junker, Staff Writer

The young adult show, “Ginny and Georgia”, aired on February 24, 2021 and has risen in popularity, but not for the best reasons. It is based on a story about a mother-daughter duo navigating a new town. Ginny Miller, a fifteen-year old girl, feels that she is more mature than her young, dynamic 30-year old mother. Georgia, Ginny’s mother, has finally settled down in the New England town, Wellsbury. Her complicated past and secrets has moved her family, Ginny and Austin, to numerous cities. However, this city was different. Ginny was not used to having friends because of her family’s constant moving, but she finally found a group of friends that became her real BFFS. When Georgia decided to give her family a normal life and Ginny began to love Wellsbury, Georgia’s mysterious past crawled behind and managed to destroy the family’s new lifestyle. This was not the first time that Georgia had disrupted Ginny’s life. Throughout the show, she explores her Sophomore year at Wellsbury High School with her new friends, as well as developing feelings for two guys. The show contains drama and mystery of all sorts while Ginny figures herself out in her new life and her mother’s secrets linger in the background. 

The show definitely sounds interesting, what could be the issue with it? “Ginny and Georgia” is a great teen drama, however it is non realistic in many cases. It is far exaggerated and has a lack of realism. The “modern-day” teenage perspective is not represented in the show. In the beginning couple episodes, Hunter, Ginny’s boyfriend is referred to as the “most popular kid in school.” On Ginny’s birthday, Hunter made a scene in the hallway singing happy birthday while tap dancing. Would this really happen in high school? Or is the show over exaggerating the stereotype of a popular boy in school? Another scene that is not real in today’s world is when Hunter sends Ginny snapchats using the dog filter lens, which was popular in 2016. High schoolers nowadays rarely ever use the filter, considering I am a senior in High School and are up to date on the trends. Another fellow Quakertown student, Gabby Smith, spoke about her thoughts on the show. She stated, “I do think that the teenagers and scenes in the show are unrealistic and over dramatic.” The show is mainly developed around Ginny and her new school experience, but it does not hit real high school scenarios. However, some fans may argue that the absurdity within the show makes it more interesting and entertaining to watch. The dramatic teenage roles and impractical scenes make up the show’s plot and add humor to it, however the unrealistic aspects of the show lead to a storyline which makes it hard to connect with the characters.