2023 Season Wrap of the Quakertown Color Guard

2023 Season Wrap of the Quakertown Color Guard

Kylee Welzig, Staff Writer


The Quakertown Color Guard; a group of determined, hard-working, strong students that strive to create an amazing storytelling show. If you have ever been to a high school football game you have seen the color guard, the individuals spinning flags and mock rifles, and the ones in the stands dancing to the band’s music, but you may not know that the color guard does not stop. Color guard is an all-year commitment with an indoor and outdoor season.  

The students that make up this team at Quakertown have worked endlessly to excel in this sport. When they started the season it was clear they would have to put in a tremendous amount of work to climb to the top. This group has faced many obstacles through the season such as losing members, injuries, and new challenging work. I have been with this group for 5 years and this season has been one of the most challenging ones, but the team continues to push and refuses to succumb to the pressure. This group never fails to surprise me with their work ethic and perseverance.

This season, the color guard is performing a show titled “Children of War”. This show is meant to represent the effects on children in countries at war and the losses they go through. Quakertown has become a crowd favorite after many performances around the area. The Quakertown Color Guard has clawed out of the bottom of our class and placed 12 out of 18 color guards at championships in Toms River, NJ. 

The color guard faced challenges I had yet to experience until this season erupted. Challenges include people out on injury, fast challenging work, and new skills. This group took those obstacles and used them to create a strong well-oiled unit. Granted this is my last season with this team of students I have faith in the future of this color guard and cannot wait to see how they grow in the years to come.