Childhood Sheltered from Social Media

Childhood Sheltered from Social Media

Jordan Hollister, Editor

Social media has been known to cause bullying, harassment, and countless other problems children should not be viewing or involved in. This is all due to the so-called “privacy” it gives a hater – concealing their identity through fake accounts. People have learned, over the years, that social media can cause depression, anxiety, self-harm, and loneliness. However, these parents still allow a young child to have TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Parents may feel that monitoring their children on social media will be a beneficial teaching method to conceal their children from viewing anything deemed “bad”. Yet, being a kid who got social media around the age of 12 I know for a fact that if I had gained it at a younger age I would have been rebellious and looked up things my parents told me not to. Telling a kid not to touch something will make them want to touch it even more. Rather than enduring this type of hump parents should further the time their child has to be a kid. Furthering before they enter the “IPad Kid” phase. 

According to the Seattle Spectator they state, “The term “iPad kid” was coined by users on Tiktok, describing a young child who is always glued to their iPad or other smart device.” 

Kids glued to technology cannot form connections with others which can cause numerous more ongoing problems. Using technology at a young age may seem like a fun thing since there are so many games, movies, and learning apps that can be located on a device; nonetheless, the line that needs to be drawn is differentiating an “iPad Kid” from a child addicted to social media. 

There needs to be control and settings on when a child can and can not use technology. Many times parents give their children the device in the hope to try to get them to be quiet or distracted. This may be a plus at the moment but sooner than later both the child and parent will rely on that device. Leading to the download of a social media app – distracting them even more. Parents may feel social media is a fun and exciting way to talk to friends or view cool influencers, but they lack the knowledge of knowing the serious dangers behind it. Parents should be sheltering their children from social media until they feel they have reached a prime age, while also learning the responsibilities of having a social media account.