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What Is Up With These UFOs?


Are we alone? That’s the question everyone is asking and now we might have an answer. The world keeps coming out with information that leads to the fact that aliens are real. So much information is coming out right now that I have to narrow it down to the bigger stuff.


A United States Air Force officer and former intelligence official named David Grusch disclosed the United States government for hiding information about aliens. He had said at the U.S. House of Representatives congressional hearing that he had conversations with other government officials claiming that the U.S. government was hiding and possessing non-human remains. These non-human remains are speculated to be from a crash site of a U.F.O (UAP) that had crashed decades ago. However, what he was saying is backed up with no evidence so he could be completely lying to us and we wouldn’t even know. It has always been rumored that the government is hiding something like this so it doesn’t make it hard to believe it’s true. 


Just recently, the Mexican government heard about the congress meeting and came out with these dead aliens. These mummies the Mexican government had are supposedly 1,000 years old which was found out when researchers from the National Autonomous University of Mexico did a series of tests on them. Another test was performed by Jose de Jesus Zalce Benitez, a forensic doctor who worked with the Navy to find out if they were real or not. They found out the bodies belonged to a single skeleton which means that all the bones were connected and had an elongated skull. Even with this evidence, people still will come up with a way to counter it saying that they are just ancient humans that were mummified. This could be a possibility, but when they did the tests they determined that the bodies were non-human. 


On July 13, 2023, the Senate passed the UAP Disclosure Act of 2023. The purpose of this law states, “to provide for the creation of the unidentified anomalous phenomena Records Collection at the National Archives and Records Administration and to require the expeditious public transmission to the Archivist and public disclosure of such records.”(Congressional Record-Senate). In Conclusion, the Senate passed this law so the government cannot hide anything about UAPs from the public. So now that the government can not hide anything, what do we have to worry about? If there is anything we as the public will now get to find the answer to the question of whether we are alone.


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Alex Rosen
Alex Rosen, Staff Writer
Alex Rosen is currently a sophomore at Quakertown High School. This is his first year as a Paw Print staff writer. Alex loves anything to do with running and spends the rest of his time skiing, backpacking, and biking. His goal this year is to break as many records as he can in track/xc. He is ready to give what he has to do well this year.

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