Presidential Candidates for 2020

Makenzie, Staff Writer

Although the next presidential election does not take place until November 3, 2020, it does not mean we should neglect the current candidates hoping to become the next president of the United States. As of this article, there are 20 Democratic candidates and 4 Republicans. Recent polling suggests that, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren are the top Democrats.  Donald Trump is the top Republican running for re-election as President.


Democratic Party

 Joe Biden, 76 years old, has ran for president two separate times, in 88’ and 08’. Biden believes that this will be his last year running for president. He is an advocate for strengthening economic protection for low-income workers.




Bernie Sanders, 77 years old, a Democratic socialist who ran for president in 2016. Sanders advocates free college tuition and Medicare for all.




Elizabeth Warren, 70 years old, is a Democrat advocating for income inequality in the middle class.





Republican Party

 Donald Trump, 73 years old and the current president, is an advocate for restricting immigration and bringing overseas troops back home.




When interviewing students on how they feel about the upcoming election, they seemed unsure of how to answer due to the lack of information from the candidates and their campaigns. Fortunately, were passionate about a discussion on voting age.

“I don’t think the voting age should change because teenagers and younger kids may be ignorant towards politics,” stated Raymond Slifer, Junior at Quakertown High School, “people tend to lead with their emotions and not facts about the candidates.”

The current voting age is 18 and even when students are of age to vote, they are still unsure about voting. Throughout its years of being an independent country, the United States and its people, have fought for the right to vote. So, even if you are not a political person, remember the struggles this country has been through just by trying to get equal voting rights for its citizens.

“I am excited to start voting but I need to become more informed about politics beforehand,” Erin Wilsey, Senior at Quakertown High School, informed me.

Every vote counts! If you are of age to vote and you still do not know about the candidates then do a quick Google search of the candidates to inform yourself because every vote matters. For more information on how to register to vote, click the link below.

Register to vote: