Dangers of Bullying

Alyssa Tiziana, Staff Writer

Bullying is everywhere around the world. In our schools, just simply walking down the street, and in public. Bullying can be any and everywhere.

People bully mostly because they feel so badly about themselves that they take it out on whoever is closest to them or just some random kid in the halls. Now maybe we do not have so much physical bullying nowadays, but we do have a heck of a lot of cyberbullying and just verbal bullying throughout the world, but specifically in our high school.

Rachelle Quinter has been working at the Quakertown Community Senior High School for about 16 years now. When asked how much bullying she has seen throughout her career here she responded with, “The truth is it depends on how you define bullying”. The lower level of bullying and laughing at people’s mistakes and everything is something she says she corrects when she sees it happen.

However, the more severe things happen on social media and she has nothing she can do about it. She has stated that even though she would not really describe it as full on bullying, it could be classified as intimidation. She commented that it is a form of bullying in a slight way but not full on.

Students emotional responses to being cyberbullied.                                                         


Kristen Vargo has been working at the Quakertown Community Senior High School for about 4 years now. Throughout these years, she has witnessed many counts of bullying.

Vargo finds that bullying is more cyber than anything else, considering the new age of technology. “I wouldn’t say that I was bullied, but definitely treated with disrespect,” explained Kristen Vargo when asked if she was ever bullied by students.

Kristen Vargo has seen not a lot of bullying in person because of the new social apps, but she has had people bring to her attention online bullying and she has definitely seen a number of online bullying situations throughout her teaching career.

Most of the bullying specifically happens online lately. People have probably been wondering why this was nowadays but most have come to realize why it is so much more common online recently rather than someone doing these harsh things in person.

The bullies are now realizing that we have this completely new type of technology. We have apps like YOLO and LMK, LIPSI, etc. These apps provide a place for anonymous texting or commenting and the person receiving the messages cannot see who has replied or sent them unless the person who sent it tells you.

You do not have to like people you go to school with but they do deserve the respect that you would like to receive back.