Students of the Month

Marc Slaymaker, Staff Writer

Reagan Hicks is taking Physics, Political Science Honors, and English, alongside doing a field study for TV News and Editing. She enjoys sports and plays volleyball on the varsity team. She also manages the boy’s baseball team. Outside of school, Reagan is a youth group leader for middle schoolers at her church. After high school Reagan is going to attend Liberty University in Virginia, with plans to study child therapy. Despite overall liking the format of hybrid schooling, as she can work at her own pace, Reagan finds communication with teachers to be a challenge this year. Reagan also suggests that students should enjoy their time in school, as it goes by fast, and work hard to accomplish great things.


Camila Lebron-Crespo is currently enrolled in English, General Science, Algebra 1, World Cultures, Spanish, and Accounting, finding Spanish, Accounting, and Algebra to be the most interesting. While searching for more hobbies, Camila likes spending time with friends and family, as well as learning about business. Camila also plans to take some time off after high school to travel and learn about the world before going to college and pursuing a career. Participating in fully virtual learning, Camila’s biggest challenge is learning how to use programs she has not previously used for school. In order to combat these issues, Camila likes to stay organized and ask questions when an issue arises. With some closing advice, Camila explains that students who aspire to become a Student of the Month should do their best to engage and communicate with teachers and classmates, while using the changing formatting to work through things at one’s own pace.


Katie Mercadante is taking mostly College Prep courses this year. With many interests and hobbies, including being with friends and family and going to the gym, she likes to stay busy. Katie is looking forward to her future, especially graduation and the process of achieving her dream of becoming a pediatric surgeon. She does not like hybrid learning, as last year she struggled with cyber school, mainly because it is harder to get help. However, Katie explains that she is slowly learning to not be afraid of asking for help. From this, Katie advises other students to speak up when they are struggling or need help, as it will help in the long run.