Sports and Covid-19: What are sports doing to stop the spread of coronavirus?

Paige Spahits, Staff Writer

The coronavirus has affected nearly all parts of daily life. From a trip to the grocery store, to connecting with friends and family, everything must be done with precaution nowadays. Sports included, players, spectators, and coaches alike must be prepared not only for the game, but for practicing covid safety as well.


Thankfully, there have been regulations put in place by states for sports. In Pennsylvania, according to, sports must follow the regulations listed, in order to preserve everyone’s safety as much as possible. Examples of regulations include:

  • Everyone attending, age two and older, must wear a mask or a face shield if the sport is inside.
  • People must maintain social distancing of at least six feet apart.
  • The amount of spectators must follow the statewide limitations of the maximum occupancy. 
  • Athletic directors, coaches, and league officials must review and consider CDC guidelines

With these guidelines, people are able to enjoy playing or watching sports while protecting yourself and others from contracting the virus. The best thing possible is to follow the guidelines and encourage others to as well. Doing this not only makes the places you go to safer, but it creates a ripple effect, leading others to do the same. 


When planning to interact with others for sports, be sure that you assess the risks involved before putting yourself or others into a situation that may turn out less than ideal. 

Be sure to consider the closeness and the amount of time you are with others. Sports that require being close to others for a period of time make it harder to socially distance yourself. These types of sports might be modified in order to put more distance between the athletes. 


Not only games may be modified, but practice as well. There may be smaller groups, as well as less mixing of the team. 


In addition, take note of those who have a higher risk of developing a more severe version of the coronavirus, such as athletes with health problems like diabetes, asthma, and more. If the risk is too high for the athlete, it may be better in some cases not to participate in sports for that season or however long it may take for the risk to lower.


Promoting appropriate behaviors are incredibly important during times like now. It does not only apply to sports, but to everywhere you go. Behaviors such as staying home when sick, proper hand and respiratory etiquette, and cleaning and disinfecting are behaviors to be practicing not only during the pandemic, but even after as well.


In conclusion, it is important to stay aware of what needs to be done in order to safely participate in sports. Be sure to follow the guidelines given for your specific sport and be sure to be informed at all times. Stay safe and stay healthy!