Students of the Month

Michael Staudenmeier, Staff Writer

9th Grade Student of the Month: Miles Longacre

Miles Longacre is a freshman at Quakertown Community Senior High School. While he is obviously a stellar student, he is also a great athlete as well. He mostly plays basketball which takes up most of the time away from doing school work. Unfortunately, Miles has missed most of this basketball season with a shin injury. He also enjoys golfing and playing video games. When asked about working through school during the pandemic, Miles said that being new to the school and having to adjust to that along with Covid-19 was very difficult. Although, he is up to the challenge and ready to embrace the obstacles for the school year. 


10th Grade Student of the Month: Aidan Svanda

Aidan Svanda is a sophomore currently at Quakertown Community Senior High School. Some of his favorite subjects this year are Spanish with Mrs. Sharp and health with Ms. B. Whenever he is not working on school work and acing those classes, he enjoys working on cars and driving race cars. Additionally, he also is an avid golfer. Some advice for his peers is to make sure to check canvas often to make sure all work is completed. He also says specifically that a calendar is an important tool in canvas because most of the work completed in school is currently online.