Frozen 2 Review (Spoilers)

Frozen 2 Review  (Spoilers)

Erin, Staff Writer

Good or bad? Better or worse? There have been many different opinions of how this sequel to the original and popular disney movie, Frozen, was made.

Sources have stated reasons how Frozen 2 is overall better than its predecessor. To start, the animation, with the bodies of water, ice sculptures, and the transformations that occurred through the characters. Having been six years since the initial movie, the finer animations are expected. The storyline is also said to be a lot better than its predecessor, going deeper into the past and explaining a lot of what we had questions about and dealing with much heavier topics.

What about the famous snowman, Olaf? There are mixed feelings about him as well, but with the message he tries to relay, his heartwarming personality and songs, he’s still as good as the first Frozen. Even his famous, “Samantha?” which was not actually in the script, meaning Olaf’s laugh, from Josh Gad, is actually him laughing at what he said, has made it far with the public.

Some things that did not improve was the originality. It is lacking in the second movie compared to how much originality there was in the first movie. It just doesn’t hold as much uniqueness but that is assumed from any sequel. It’s also mentioned in multiple reviews that Elsa never learned anything from the original film, still taking things on by herself rather than working with others. She sends Anna away, obviously not understanding that her sister will do anything to protect her in dire situations that play out in the movie. Anna still ends up saving her, but Elsa should’ve learned a thing or two.

Also, there is no antagonist. In the first movie, Hans was the villian and tried to stop Anna from doing the right thing, but in the second movie, there is no one stopping them from what they are trying to do. There is no villain or bad guy in this movie, which is new for a disney movie. They just moved the story along with nothing really exciting or unexpected other than some moments here and there with Elsa’s journey.

Something that is contemplated between being better or worse it the soundtrack. Many have said that the songs in Frozen 2 should be dialed down a bit because people say they aren’t as catchy as Frozen’s original songs or they’re hard to sing along to, though some disagree with that statement. But from Elsa’s transformations showing through her songs and Kristoffs own song, and the covers remade from the soundtrack, these are much more mature.

Parent reviews have mentioned that this may not be meant for preschoolers but more for the teens that originally loved Frozen six years ago. With Elsa and Olaf’s death, this hits harder for kids since they don’t completely understand the happy ending that always come with Disney movies. And since the storyline can get dark as times many parents mentioned how their kids were scared, or just sensitive of the plot.

Senior, Emma Murphy, gives both a positive and negative view on the movie saying that, “The songs aren’t catchy and Olaf is missing for a lot of the movie. Kristoff has such a hard time proposing and Anna just leaves him behind as if forgetting about him.” But on a more positive note, “The end was good when Elsa got the note from Anna. It was a good circular story. There is no room for a third frozen so it ended well.” Comparing it to the first movie she believes it’s, “Better than Frozen 2.”

Unlike Emma, graduate Logan Brezner had an overall positive outlook of the movie saying, “It was really fun and family friendly. I personally thought the storyline was very unique and they did a great job of continuing the character development from the first movie to the next. Just like any good disney movie, the songs were very applicable to the story line and were absolutely amazing. There was comedy and tragedy. This movie was a 9.3 out of 10. A must watch if you saw the first one.”

The movie gets very contrasting views between positive and negative and can be different depending on various ages and regard to the original film. All in all, I believe it is a must see in order to form your own opinion.