Trump’s Impeachment

Lea, Staff Writer

Andrew Jackson, Bill Clinton, and now Donald Trump. Impeachment is a rare tool in office to charge a president as we can tell by how short the list is. Now, is this a good thing President Trump was added to the list or not? That is a personal conclusion you will have to come too alone. 

Pelosi accused Trump of betraying his oath of office, U.S. national security, and the integrity of the country’s elections. The six committees charged with the task are those on Financial Services, the Judiciary, Intelligence, Foreign Affairs, Oversight and Reform, and Ways and Means.

Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States

Many people are split when it comes to their opinion about the impeachment trials, depending on where you stand on the political parties. Do you think this was pointless since the senate will most likely not vote him out because of it being primarily republicans or do you think Democrats could have a shot? On the other hand, some Democrats are stating this simply as an eye-opener. Knowing that they will most likely not move past the senate, did they just do this to make talk before the next upcoming presidential election?

A waste of time or a way to show the President’s true colors?

Shayden Thomas states that “We need Trump in office because he’s the only one that would invest, quote on quote, the government’s money in our military and building us to be a stronger nation and will pull us out of debt because Trump can and will help with our debt outstandingly by using business strategies” Thomas continues with, “ Also he had a good idea on putting off the oil from the Mideast to America by not giving the Mideast money for the oil as gas this will go up 2 dollars But at least it will go towards the debt and not the Mideastern countries.”

From the opposing side, Isabella Diaz states, “I believe it was a good idea to impeach President Trump. I think he was doing more harm to the world than great like his slogan says. He caused many families and young children pain by deporting their innocent parents. His situation with Iran by taking the life of a bad person and creating more tension between U.S. and Iran which could possibly cause more tension with not just us but other countries like China or Russia,” Diaz goes on saying, “President Trump focuses mostly on money into the military which may seem overwhelming when things like education for a better school district, school all around, hospitals are waiting to be fixed and improved.” 

No one in the office is going to be able to make everyone happy with what they do because of all the different types of people in the USA. 

Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House

Diaz goes into, “All the money going to the military can all be equally distributed or to places such as Australia. This has gone completely avoided by Trump and it feels like our voice is not being heard by our own president and how he could help the thousands of people and animals dying by these insane fires that are burning at an alarming rate. Although my viewpoints may differ from others and my opinions will not be agreed with by everybody I think there are many things that could be fixed and impeaching Trump was a good decision for creating a better place.”

Donald Trump has to say, “I don’t feel like I’m being impeached because it’s a hoax, it’s a setup,” about the impeachment. He believes this was not true and a huge hoax and he goes on to say, “I’m beating everybody by a lot, and I think that’s where we’re going” He believes no matter what he has the votes and the whole thing was a waste of time. 

On the flip side, the democratic party is upset with what he has done. A statement from The New York Times states, “The president of the United States attempted to use his political power to coerce a foreign leader to harass and discredit one of the president’s political opponents,” wrote Mark Galli, the editor in chief. “That is not only a violation of the Constitution; more importantly, it is profoundly immoral.”

The next step to the impeachment is the removal trial. The Senate has to vote out the President for him to leave the office. As of right now, the senate braces themselves for the trial to continue to find out if Trump will be removed from office only 11 months before the next Presidential election.