Underwater Movie Review


Hannah, Staff Writer

The recent movie, Underwater, directed by William Eubank, was released on January
10th. The film is categorized as a suspense horror / thriller genre.
While on the water, Norah Price, Captain Lucien, Paul Abel, face uncalled-for
interruptions. They all are investigating the lows of the ocean, but after an earthquake they
attempt to find safety. The main crew deals with many problematic situations and creatures
which keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire movie.
The film seems to be very fast paced when it comes to the plot thickening. For some this
is nice since it quickly gets to the point. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie with the persistent encounters with the creatures, it kept my attention entirely. With the cinematography and visuals it’s simple to pay attention to. This along with occasional jump scares and music had me excited for what was next to come.
On the contrary when it comes to the characters, there is no full depth given to each of
them. I feel as though the story could have looked more into these main characters and given
more information about their upbringings and stories. This aspect of storytelling would have helped give the film layers in which would have given my view on it a different perspective. But in this sense, we know the characters, but not enough about them. You learn more about them as time goes on, and as they encounter dilemmas, but it is more appealing to know who they are before the plot unfolds entirely.
Aidan Schnitzler went to see the movie as it was released, “ I enjoyed how action packed
it was, I’d recommend Underwater to anyone who enjoys adrenaline and action.”
Personally, I would recommend this film to all ages who enjoy enticing situations. I feel
as though despite some rather simple portions of the film can be overlooked.
Overall, this is something I would go to see again. I believe with the ending there is a
possibility to include a sequel as well. In that case I would be all for.