Writer’s Guild: The November Lens

Writers Guild: The November Lens

Writer's Guild

How does one define November? Do we turn to the weather, the tradition? The subtle change in seasons? Ultimately, writing gives humans the gift that allows them to define this time of year in any way they please. The QCHS Writer’s Guild is honored to present these interpretations. 

The Guild originally was founded last October. For the past two months, group dynamics have been one of the Guild’s top priorities. In order to synthesize and encourage the sharing of ideas, writers developed close bonds and sought ways to contribute according to their strengths. Specifics about the motif of each monthly issue were often a topic of debate.

Now, upon publishing their first issue: “QCHS Writer’s Guild: The November Lens,” staff writers of the group had the opportunity to create art through a broad, yet specific, lens. This debut issue, depending on the direction the Guild takes in the future, may formulate a baseline for their future works. This also may be the beginning of what they have to offer. 

Either way, writing remains a responsibility to the world and its culture. However, their motives behind their art remain simple:

They write because they simply love to write. 

Below is a link to the November Issue: