February Students of the Month

Julia Henry and Hunter Amen

Tanner Sheridan, Freshman

Tanner Sheridan is Quakertown’s freshman student of the month. Tanner takes honors courses such as English, Geometry, Biology. He also takes AP Human Geography. He participates in Varsity Singers and the school’s musical, The Music Man. When asked what advice he would give to fellow students he said, “make time in your day to study, but also take time for your mental health.” His favorite memory of his freshman year so far was singing for the elementary schools with Varsity Singers. Tanner plans to go to a good college and get a good education that will benefit him in the long run.

Sarah Acosta, Sophomore

Sarah Acosta is Quakertown’s sophomore student of the month. Sarah takes all college prep classes. She participates in Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) and the school art club. When asked what her experience had been she stated   “So far, high school has had its ups and downs. It’s mainly all about pushing through hardships and academic struggles.” Her main plan after high school is to go to an art school and major in fine art.

Julia Henry, Junior

The junior student of the month is Julia Henry. She is a part of high school basketball and softball teams. She is also a member of  National Honor Society, Student Council, Panther Marching Band, Wind Symphony, and Honors Choir. She is enrolled in 4 AP classes along with French 3, Advacnced Journalism, band, and choir. She enjoys reading, watching sports and spending time with family. Julia was the QCHS student representative at the school board meeting on March 10.

Adenike Onanuga, Senior

The senior student of the month is Adenike Onanuga. She is also the Oustanding Student of the Month. Adenike is a member of the Writer’s Guild and QCHS winter and spring track team, and she is also enrolled in AP Government, Honors English, amongst other classes. She enjoys playing the guitar, piano, and bass in her free time. Writing a to-do list has helped her be successful throughout high school. Adenike spoke on Quakertown’s History and English teachers as one’s who make her high school experience fun. She also mentioned her track coaches: Coach Anderson, Coach Hood, and Coach Justin as coaches who educate her to be a better athlete and make track fun. She plans to go to either NYU or Temple to study political science and literature/film. She then plans to attend law school to become a lawyer.