“Alice in Wonderland” Review


Noah Wassmer, Editor

This year, the theater program put on another fantastic show, “Alice in Wonderland”.  This is the first play of the year, the showings were on November 18th, and the 19th. Tickets cost $12 for presale and $15 at the door. Alice in Wonderland will be the first play Mr. Kitchenman will be directing,when I asked him about his experience directing the play he said,” It’s been wonderful, its been a huge learning curve.” He then went into how helpful everyone has been through the process of directing the play. Jess Meirinho, the student director, has taken on a huge role in helping the production of the play, she said that her experience as a student director for the play, “It was really awesome, not only working with all the other students, but also the director, Mr. Kitchenman. I loved being able to have the opportunity to work with different ideas and see how people’s imaginations worked.” 

The play was filled with superb acting and bright and amazing characters. Consistently throughout the play, Alice was under the guidance of the Cheshire Cat, who was trying to help her escape Wonderland. My personal favorite part of observing the play was before the play when the cast was preparing for the performance. Everyone was just so kind and enthusiastic and you could really tell that they were in love with the play.

The plot of the play surrounds Alice, played by Olivia Bell, traveling around Wonderland after chasing the white rabbit, played by Mason Lippincott. When she gets to Wonderland, she is met by a brightly colored landscape and a mysterious cat that helps her escape Wonderland in time for her birthday party. Alice searches all of Wonderland, encountering many people on her way, until she meets the Mad Hatter. She speaks with him and his friends during tea time when the Queen of Hearts, played by Amoria Riendeau, comes and speaks about her croquet game. Alice is then accused of eating the Queen’s tarts and is put on trial for allegedly stealing the tarts. After being proven innocent, Alice finally gets the key that will let her go back home to her birthday party. Before she leaves, she asks the Cheshire Cat, who is played by Rachael Szabo, to come back home with her, but sadly the cat can not join her. The play then ended with a very cool effect where the spotlight slowly got smaller and smaller like the hole to Wonderland shrinking as Alice left.

The play was amazing with so much enthusiasm, emotion, and comedy. The bright and colorful stage was astonishing. The theater department and Mr. Kitchenman really did a wonderful job producing “Alice in Wonderland” this fall.