Lunch Policy Curtails School Club and Sport Fundraising


Ashlynn Butcher, Staff Writer

We surveyed 50 students in Quakertown Community High School and personally interviewed Rachael Szabo, the president of the theater club, on the effects of students not being able to sell food during lunch hours to help fundraise clubs and sports. The school follows Chartwells policy for school meals, a policy that does not allow students to sell other food during lunch; due to it competing with Chartwell. The main focus of the survey was to find out when most students want to buy baked goods to help support sports and clubs. 

In the interview with Rachael Szabo, she prefers baked goods to be sold at lunch because “I feel like I miss out a lot on helping a lot of other clubs because I don’t have the time to get out my wallet and take out money to buy baked goods while I’m running out of the school or late to first period. It’s far more convenient to buy it during lunch.” 48% of students who took the survey agreed that lunch would be the best time. Students that responded with lunchtime followed up with, “time willing to spend money”, “feeling rushed to class before or after”, “more convenient since they are already buying food”, “end of day traffic is difficult”, and “not wanting to be late getting to class or going home.” With these responses, most students prefer lunch because it is more accessible and they don’t have to feel rushed getting to class. 82% of students who took the survey said that they are willing to buy baked goods at school and are willing to spend 1-5 dollars on average to purchase baked goods. 

Rachael informed me, “In other bake sales we made about $60 per lunch period and with two lunches for about 3 days we would make around $360.” The $360 provides the club with, “props and sets, and helps us get more professionals in to help train the students to make us more smooth in production. Higher quality of everything.” Other sports/clubs, not just Theater Club, that are affected by not being able to sell baked goods during lunch include Psych Club, GSA, soccer, Spanish, and many more. Overall, being able to sell baked goods greatly improves the quality of clubs and activities such as the Theater Club. Selling baked goods can be a beneficial way for clubs and sports teams to spread the word about upcoming events, something a policy should not be allowed to cease.