Bear on Cocaine?

Bear on Cocaine?

Sarah Junker, Staff writer


“Cocaine Bear” is a 2023 American dark comedy horror film based on a true story. It has been receiving rave reviews and ranked at 8.65 million on its opening night. The film revolves around a 175-pound black bear who accidentally consumes a large amount of cocaine that has been dropped from a plane by drug smugglers in rural Georgia in the 1980s. The vicious bear becomes a complete danger to those around it as it becomes increasingly erratic and aggressive having ingested a large amount of cocaine. It embarks on a drug-fueled rampage with chaos and lots of blood. As well as the gathering of cops, tourists, and teenagers assembling in the Georgia Forest for a crazy journey ahead of them. Elizab

eth Banks, the director of “Cocaine Bear” promises the film to be a wild and hilarious ride. The stars in the film include Keri Russell, Ray Liotta, Alden Ehrenreich, and O’Shea Jackson Jr. The dark comedy explores the absurdity of a drugged-up bear while also delving into the potential dangers of drug trafficking. It definitely appears to be a must-watch for anyone looking for a good laugh and some unexpected thrills along the way!

The Dark Side:


The use of dark comedy in “Cocaine Bear” has been controversial. Some have found it to be insensitive or inappropriate to joke about serious issues. On the other hand, others argue that dark comedy can actually help us cope with difficult situations. This would make them more relatable and less intimidating. In the case of the film, the use of this humor about a massive black bear doing drugs seems to be a deliberate creative choice to convey the absurdity and danger of the drug trafficking world. Many scenes get the entire audience laughing hysterically, but at the same time, showing real-world issues. By using humor, the filmmakers were able to engage the audience more effectively and make them reflect on the consequences of drug trafficking in a different light. The movie is definitely an adventure full ride for the characters and the audience. 


Movie-Goers Say:

Viewers either like or dislike the comedic horror film. Some complained that the film is encouraging drug use and is not suitable for children. They were not very satisfied with the scene where kids were eating the scattered cocaine in the forest. According to The New York Post, Ammar Marashli said, “It was a waste of time and I would love it if I could get a refund. It was way too incredibly gory and violent. We wanted to cry and throw up.” Along with the bad reviews, the movie brought some true-hearted fans that thought the movie was the best in a while. A review stated, “As someone who has all but given up on Hollywood producing anything worthwhile, I was eager to give Cocaine Bear a shot. Not one for violence or gore, I was surprised to find myself highly entertained and amused by this movie.” It definitely brought out all different sorts of emotions in the movie world!