Spike in Pajamas in Public Schools

Spike in Pajamas in Public Schools

Matthew McCoy, Staff Writer

Pajamas, with their comfortable and relaxed feel, have long been a symbol of ease and leisure. For many, they are the ultimate choice for clothing, providing practicality and convenience, particularly for very low energy activities. At Quakertown Community High School, the trend of wearing pajama pants to school has taken a notable upturn in recent years, due partially to the Covid-19 pandemic and remote learning. As students adjusted to the online learning environment, many opted to stay in their PJs when tuning into their Google Meet calls. Despite many different opinions on the appropriateness of wearing pajamas at school, it cannot be denied that the pandemic has shifted the norm in many ways. After the remote learning and virtual classrooms ending and students coming back to schools the traditional dress codes have begun to blur. It is clear that both administration and students agree that as long as students remain respectful of their peers and adhere to school policies, the comfortability of their clothes should not come in the way of their learning.

When QCHS students were asked if they had ever worn pajamas on a non-themed school day, roughly 60% said yes, they have worn them. Of that 60%, almost 90% said they had only started wearing them after the Covid-19 pandemic. These findings provide clear evidence of a significant shift in the acceptability and normality of wearing more comfortable clothing to school. Prior to the pandemic, the idea of wearing pajamas to school was almost considered taboo, with some schools even having strict dress codes that required students to dress in formal or semi-formal attire. While Quakertown’s dress code never required formal or semi-formal attire, most students would still not wear pajamas. Ashley Patrick, a freshman at QCHS, shared her opinion on the matter. “[While] I do think wearing pajamas to school is okay now, I don’t think I would have ever worn them before the pandemic just because it wasn’t normal at all.” These results suggest that the pandemic has led to a significant change in the way students perceive appropriate attire for school and may continue to influence fashion trends among future students.  

This shift in students’ opinions towards clothing is likely due to a multitude of factors, including the increased reliance on remote learning during the pandemic, as well as increased awareness of the true importance of comfort in daily life. Many students now see comfort as a higher priority than conformity to traditional dress codes and fashion trends. 

The trend in more casual and comfortable clothing is not limited to Quakertown Community High School or just schools in general. In some recent years, there has been a growing acceptance and normality of casually dressing in the workplace, and loads of companies have relaxed their dress codes to allow more flexibility and individuality.