School Behavior Issues

Ashlynn Butcher, Staff Writer

We collected 91 responses from a google survey asking how disrespectful behavior has affected our school as a whole. The focus of this survey was to get personal examples of how students have been unsafe and inappropriate throughout the school day. 

Throughout the school day, people experience unsafe/ inappropriate behavior. Students believe this behavior comes from attention-seeking, peer pressure, and outside-of-school issues. Most unsafe/inappropriate behavior is seen in the hallways; however, it can also be witnessed in the bathrooms, at lunch, and after school. In the survey, students reported their personal experiences. In the hallway, students are actively seen throwing, shoving, and pushing each other into one another.  This behavior is very unsafe because it can severely injure other students around them on accident. Another example of unsafe/ inappropriate behavior is commonly seen in the bathrooms. Many students are found skipping class, damaging school property, and using vapes in the bathroom. Students are also disrespectful in classrooms. For example throwing items, yelling, using profanity, and walking out of class without permission.

On average, students experience unsafe/ inappropriate behavior at least twice a day. Students who experience rude behavior have access to Safe2Say, an online website to report unsafe/ inappropriate students. Contrary to belief, most students do not report fellow students for their bad behavior. In the survey, most students feel like “a snitch” for reporting other students because it makes them feel bad, guilty, worried, and upset.  Another reason why students do not use this resource is that the students feel as if nothing will happen to those who get reported. More often than not, students make false reports to their friends as a joke.

Overall our school has experienced a lot of unsafe/ inappropriate behavior. In our school, we have many opportunities to join clubs to help promote awareness. One of the clubs includes the Social Justice Alliance. This club is made up of students who dedicate time to help improve equality in our school. The most we can do now is bring awareness to those students and report them for being unsafe and inappropriate.