IT Chapter Two Review

Alyssa Tiziana, Staff Writer

  I recently went to the movies to go see “IT Chapter Two” since I had already gone to see the first one. If you have seen the first one then you will notice how different these two movies are from each other.

Although there are clear similarities in the two films, there are also various contrasting aspects between them. For example, in the first movie, the final scene involved the children swearing to come back if IT ever returned.

Conversely, in Chapter Two, the characters reenacted that scene to begin the story, rather than end it. Personally, I feel like that was a weak opening scene; they could have used a different scene or remade a newer scene. It seemed kind of cheesy and old.

Overall, this was a very intriguing and interesting movie. However, the ending was very off-putting and even made me feel sad for pennywise because of the way he was killed. The ending of the movie showed the whole crew from the old movie as grownups, killing pennywise by degrading him and calling him these terrible nasty names.

James McAvoy from It Chapter Two

Now, I know that Pennywise is probably someone you do not give a care in the world if he dies. I mean after all it is just a movie, right? However, his punishment was unjust.

In the end, this was a very good movie and I would definitely watch this movie again. It is a great movie full of chaos and graphic images so you might not want to go alone. It gets scary at moments; but this is definitely a great movie to watch if you enjoy being frightened.