January Students of the Month

Jake, Staff Writer

Kristy Nguyen, a member of Key Club and Mandarin Club, is the freshman class January Student of the Month. She currently takes Biology Honors, AP Human Geography, English Honors, Algebra 2 Honors, 2D Art, and Psychology. So far throughout her freshman year, she has most enjoyed biology class, highlighting her teacher (Mrs. Sullivan) and the discussions about nature and cell types as the pinnacle of her day. Throughout the rest of her schooling, Kristy aims to take classes with a math and science base to get a hard start on the medical track, possibly trying out tennis as well. She knows she will be taking AP World History and AP Art History next year, emphasizing an AP-level workload. Kristy has ambitions of becoming a family doctor, entering somewhere in the medical field as a backup. She appreciates the Quakertown community, more specifically downtown Quakertown, because she finds it as a welcoming area to eat and meet with friends.

Devin Frisch, a member of the volleyball team and FBLA, is the sophomore class January Student of the Month. She currently takes all honors courses except for AP Psychology. She takes Mandarin 3, gym, and health paired with psychology to round out her elective courses. Her favorite moment so far throughout her sophomore year was her time on the volleyball team during the fall, highlighting the Dig Pink fundraiser night. She looks forward to continuing playing volleyball for the next two years in high school and being able to hone in on history and social studies–mentioning U.S. History as her most anticipated course. Next year, she plans to continue her foreign language track with Mandarin 4, will likely take AP United States History, and hopes to enter the criminal justice course if it is offered by the district next year. She plans on attending a four-year college to major in political science to eventually become an attorney and enter the JAG Corp through the Navy. Devin appreciates Quakertown’s focus on athletics and their support on the inclusion and integration of special needs students into the district.

Luke Bauer, a member of the basketball team, is the junior class January Student of the Month. He currently takes AP U.S. History, Precalculus Honors, Chefs 2, Spanish 3, Chemistry, AP Psychology, and English Honors. He feels completely changed from his former self, feeling more motivated to succeed and emphasizing respect. Through observing the poor actions of others, Luke has prioritized kindness and generosity. He hopes to finish strong throughout the last year and a half of high school, taking AP tests now before college, trying to be less stressed, and enjoying his final years of schooling. Next year, he will take AP U.S. Government, Calculus Honors, Physics, British Literature Honors, TV News 1, Teamworks, and Personal Finance. Luke aspires to attend Penn State Main Campus, majoring in business with a minor in marketing/management, then enter the workforce as an assistant marketing manager, eventually working his way up the ladder. Throughout his career, Luke expects to stay in Pennsylvania, as long as his desired work stays in-state. He appreciates Quakertown’s openness and welcoming nature, observing the respect the area shows to newcomers. We wish Luke the best of luck in his pursuit of attending Penn State and his marketing career!

Tyler Einolf, a member of NHS and FCA, a volleyball player, and a captain for the swim team, is the senior class January Student of the Month. He currently takes AP U.S. Government, AP Statistics, Journalism, AP English Literature, AP European History, and AP Environmental Science. He has most enjoyed swim season, with the team winning senior night and him individually preparing for districts (hoping to go to states). Tyler, already holding the required Congressional Nomination, is trying to attend West Point, where he will receive an all-encompassing education and eventually enter the service. Otherwise, Tyler plans on entering the ROTC at Virginia Military Institute or Lehigh, preparing himself for a full career serving for the infantry in the Army. When asked what he enjoys most in the community, Tyler cited the Quakertown Summer Swim Team, where he can connect with the entire high school team as well as other local kids, enjoy the relaxed environment of summer, and coach the younger swimmers. We wish the best of luck to Tyler on his pursuit of West Point and a career in the service!