Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade is a MUST This Year!


Julie Pizzi, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving is the time of year that is normally looked past; most people get ready for Christmas right after Halloween. Few radios have started playing Christmas music on November 9th this year. The Thanksgiving Parade was originally for Christmas but was then needed for thanksgiving instead.  The show is one of the major events that remind us of the holiday that many look right past. 

Macy’s Thanksgiving exhibition began in 1924. It has been a tradition ever since The show has only been canceled three times. The rubber from the balloons was called to help the war efforts for World War Two and then once because of the COVID-19 virus.

Even with very few cancellations millions of people show up to watch as the clowns, dancers, floats, and balloons travel down the streets of New York. It travels about 2.5 miles and is beloved by families. This parade is loved by many for it’s a family tradition that has been around for nearly 100 years. In 2019, it celebrated its 100th year anniversary. To look back on some of the glorious memories, shares some photos for some nostalgic feelings. Memories from the very first Macy’s day parade are brought to attention every year. The first ceremony had Macy’s employees on the floats, dressed up in costumes, and some even dancing. It’s great for all ages. When it became able to be seen on tv it drew even more viewers in. In 2019 the broadcast rounded in 22.1 million viewers.

Uniqueness is an important factor for this parade. This parade is known for its large balloons. The largest balloon was Morton the Nantucket Sea Monster, which was 125 feet long. Balloons are what draw many fans to come to the event. To see the balloons in person is out of this world. They never seem as big on tv as they do in person. The parade is also the longest in the United States.

Tradition is one of the major reasons the parade still exists today. The many fans keep the tradition thriving. Families bring their new family to watch and enjoy. Kids enjoy getting the candy and admiring the monstrous balloons and floats. Older folks love reminiscing on when they were there as a child or watching their family enjoy the show. A Quakertown civilian mentioned that they, “attended the parade with [their] family, for [their] grandparents loved going with their parents”.  It’s an all-around family fun event that lasts a few hours.

According to a survey conducted, 12/44 teens have gone to the parade. Most say they attended with friends or families. Even with the people that marked they have never gone, the survey mentioned they would still want to go to see the “balloons” and to get ” the free candy”. Most teens stated they have not gone because of lack of transportation and the cold, uncomfortable weather. Yet the experience is worth it and attending the parade in person is not the only option! Every news channel will be live streaming the parade on Thanksgiving day so when not watching the football game, turn on the parade! Information gathered from the survey shows that people are more willing to watch the floats and dancers through the TV yet that keeps teens interested in the loving tradition of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.

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