Quakertown’s February Student of the Months


Alyssa Klempner and Hannah Murphy


Lucy Wunsch, Sophomore

Lucy Wunsch is Quakertown’s sophomore student of the month. Lucy takes accelerated courses such as Honors English and Honors History. She participates in Best Buddies and the Yearbook club. Lucy plans to become an elementary school teacher in the future. She would like to thank Mrs. Sharp for being her favorite and kindest teacher.








Bryce Widdoss, Junior

The junior student of the month is Bryce Widdoss. This is Bryce’s second time being selected for the student of the month. He participates in many diverse school programs and groups. These include National Honor Society, Minithon, choir, and varsity singers. Bryce also helped with the fall play by setting up lights and decorations. He is also enrolled in AP and honors classes while staying active in the QCHS community.







Brayan Lopez, Senior

The senior student of the month is Brayan Lopez. Brayan is not only on the QCHS track team, but he is also enrolled in many AP and honors classes which include AP Government, Physics honors, and Calculus Honors. He is in year 4 of taking German which is also an honors class. Brayan spoke on Quakertown’s teachers, Mr. Hunsicker and Ms. Roeder, as role models during his high school career so far.