Disabled Students Need the Right Support


Julie Pizzi, Editor

There are disabled students around the world who face many challenges every day for a magnitude of reasons. Even at our schools in Quakertown, there are problems the children face. One problem that we face in Quakertown is the lack of aids for the students; therefore the students are sometimes placed in a regular ed class without an aid. This can be hard on the students and as well the teachers. 

Intellectual and physically disabled kids may not have all the care they need, for the school they are attending might have insufficient funding, inconvenient conditions (because of money difficulties), the lack of individualization (they don’t have the right curriculum for the students with disabilities), trouble communicating with their peers, and the lack of aids.

Moreover, there are many solutions to these problems. If a regular-ed student sees a disabled kid in their class struggling, they could offer to help the student. It’s Fbuimportant to try and include the person with a disability. This will allow kids to gain better communication with peers and allow them to make friends. From what I have seen, students that have a disability tend to be by themselves out at recess. I was talking to a specialist about this problem and she said it is for the reason that the kids are nervous because they see their peers running around and playing all these games they are not sure they can play. 

Some schools have the Best Buddies club, which is a great way for disabled kids to learn new things, create friends, and play games that they can all play. Incorporating this into all schools would improve the quality of life for the kids that have disabilities. 

To help fix the lack of money, students alongside the students with disabilities could fundraiser to earn money for more specialists, better curricula, and create solutions to their environmental conditions (ramps and elevators).  

Overall, Students and teachers can help make learning and life better for kids that have disabilities. They can do this by talking with them, playing games with them, and making sure they have everything they need in order to learn. Etc. Disabled students have many setbacks in school and need to be given the best opportunity like the regular ed kids. School districts can do this by making sure they get all the right accommodations and finding the money to get the supplies and other necessities the students need.